Sunday, 23 October 2011

East Coast Mainline Diversions

Yesterday i took a trip out to Deeping Saint Nicholas to get photos of trains being diverted away from the ECML owing to Engineering work between Grantham and Retford, trains were running via Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln and Gainsborough to rejoin the ECML at Doncaster.

Some East Coast trains were dragged using EWS 67s and others were stepped up to be HST sets.

The first one across the line was East Coasts 1S17 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh, which was formed of 43296 and 43277.
After that, we had about an hour for the next one, which saw us drive around aimlessley for a bit looking for a shop, which took us into Spalding, and came across the only Sainsbury in the world that was closed for refurbishment. Thankfully the petrol station shop had a mute selection of grub available so we headed back, and stopped off at a different crossing this time which was in the middle of a field, and gave a good photo across the fields og 1G22, London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley which had 43257 with 43295. Bit of a shame the sun had moved around further than i had imagined.

Unfortunatly the first eastbound (or northbound, whichever was you want to look at it) we missed, as i had missed the message in the time it took us to walk back to the car and drive back into Deeping Saint Nicholas, we arrived back at the first crossing intime to see 67025 take a mkIV set through.

Another 40mins later we got our 3rd HST set, which was 1S21 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley, cant make out the number on the front power car but looks like 43239, and 43317 on the back.

Just as 1S21 went by, from the otherway came 66085 and 66005 on an RHTT duty from Peterborough to Lincoln and back Not sure of the headcode of this one, however.

The first west/southbound drag came just before 1600, with 67022 dragging 1A31 Leeds to London Kings Cross and newly painted 91128 and a old GNER liveried set of MkIVs, which made for a nice shot across the fields in the sunlight.
After this one, things started to get a bit busier, we got our first Grand Central divert, formed of 43484 and 43480 on 1N24 London Kings Cross to Sunderland.

5mins after this one, another East Coast HST set came, with 1E13 Inverness to London Kings Cross. After the Highlands of Avimore, the scenry around the South Lincolnshire Fen must be a bit of a come down!! 43311 and 43314 provided the traction.

The first Southbound Grand Central set was following on from 1E13, and was 43423 and 43467 forming 1A65 Sunderland to London Kings Cross.
 After this we walked back to where we started, and got 43308 with Midland 43074 forming 1S23 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh, followed by Grand Central`s Class 180105 on 1D73 London Kings Cross to Bradford Interchange.

In the quickly fading light, i managed to photo the 2nd Northbound drag, again with 67022 but attached this time to still GNER Blue 91126 working 1D21 London Kings Cross to Leeds.
The last train we saw there was 1N25 London Kings Cross to Newcastle Central, which was worked by 43290 and 43237, and the former East Midland Train Mk3 stock.

As we did leave, we stopped again pretty sharpish to grab a photo of the sunset:
I hope you`ve enjoyed reading this, i know most enthusaists would show a day out by simply sticking their photos on Flickr and leaving it at that, as i have done many times, but i think this is a different and prehaps a better way to showcase a day out.

Thanks to the Gen providers on East Coast Rail News for keeping us up to speed yesterday.

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