Monday, 21 November 2011

New Vehicles for Tesco RDC Peterborough

The Tesco Regional Distrobution Centre in Parnwell, Peterborough is taking a new batch of Mercedes Axor 1844 4x2 Tractor units, presumably to replace similar 55 and 56 registered vehicles

So far i have seen two of these, YR61YNK and YR61YNP

The Peterborough RDC covers Tesco stores in South Lincolnshire and most of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and parts of Suffolk.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Decker Bus Again!

Evening All!

Yes i am still here, but finding it difficult at the moment to write up many blogs, im also quite behind on updating my fleet pages, so please bare with me for a while and il eventully find some time to properly update.

Iv got blogs to write about on another trip to London, various fleet movements and some interesting lorry spots, and also if i can tone it down a bit, a rant about charities.

Today however, im just doing a small write up on a acquasition by Whittlesea based Decker Bus, P725BPR was a Veolia Wales DAF/Ikarus but has been out of service for sometime, and was collected from Newport today with their Volvo FM12/Wrecker  W601HBJ, which i got a photo of on my phone as i was leaving work:

At the moment im unsure what function it will play in their fleet.