Thursday, 1 March 2012

Enviro 400s for Norfolk Green

Today came the long awaited official announcement from Norfolk Green that they have placed an order for some Enviro 400 Double-Deckers to run on their Hunsanton Line services.

The company now run the biggest independant fleet of low-floor Optare Spectra double decks split between the Hunstanton line 10/11 route and the Kings Lynn - Spalding 505 route, supplimented by 2 ex East London ALX400 Tridents

Before the New Enviro 400s arrive, the company will take on a Demonstrator version on the route for driver training/famaliarisation on the 3 routes.

The 10 and 11 are very senic routes from the top of a Double-Deck bus, and these Enviro 400s will be great additions to a fast growing fleet.

Thanks goes to J508GCD for the original news.

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